Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that runs on JVM, developed by JetBrains. kotlin is an open source programming language that combines both object oriented programming and functional features into a unique platform. It can be used to develop Android applications, server side applications and much more.

Kotlin Development Training
Kotlin Development Training

TechManyata’s Kotlin Development Training is designed to level up your skills as a certified developer by mastering all the key concepts of kotlin with real time examples. Upon completion, you will become an expert in developing applications using Kotlin by working on hands on projects.

Syllabus for kotlin
• Basic Types
• Packages
• Control Flow
• Returns and Jumps

Classes and Objects
• Classes and Inheritance
• Properties and Fields
• Interfaces
• Visibility Modifiers
• Extensions
• Data Classes
• Generics
• Nested Classes
• Enum Classes
• Objects
• Delegation
• Delegated Properties

Functions and Lambdas
• Functions
• Lambdas
• Inline Functions

• De structuring Declarations
• Collections
• Ranges
• Type Checks and Casts
• This expressions
• Equality
• Operator overloading
• Null Safety
• Exceptions
• Annotations
• Reflection
• Type-Safe Builders
• Dynamic Type

• Calling Java from Kotlin
• Calling Kotlin from Java

• Documenting Kotlin Code
• Using Maven
• Using Ant
• Using Gradle
• Kotlin and OSGi

1. Setup Android Environment.
2. Activities.
3. Intents.
4. Making creative User Interface for your app.
5. UI Notifications.
6. Working with Database (Data persistence).
7. How to send sms messages.
8. How to send emails.
9. Getting your current location.
10. Creating web services and implementing them.
11. Implement Dialogs.
12. Toast messages.
13. Make different types of applications.
14. Deploy your app on Google Play store.