React Native is the Facebook API focuses on developing cross platform native iOS and Android apps. React Native uses JavaScript to get native UI and performance while sharing skills and code with the web. And also focuses about UI development with React Native UI and layout support and access the native mobile platform capabilities from JavaScript using the Expo SDK.

React Native Development Training
React Native Development Training

TechManyata Software Training brings you the opportunity to learn React Native and embark on a career that will be the demand of the future. React Native Training can make you 100% eligible for a job. TechManyata provides the best React Native Training in Bangalore. We provide React Native with Redux and React Navigation.




  • The whole React Native building process, from your pc to your phone.
  • How Redux works and how to apply it on React Native
  • How to work with Native and nodal databases like firebase
  • How to use various features of React Native and Expo SDK to build cross-platform mobile applications.
  • How to use Redux to design the architecture for an React-Redux application




Asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX)

Web Forms

Learning React Native Development
Building Your Application with React Native
Creating Your Environment for React Native
High Level React Native Architecture
Introduction  to Components
Debugging on Chrome
Using Flexbox
Working with Content
List Building – with style!
Navigating users between screens
Working with Guerrilla Design
Building Reusable Components
State Management in React Components
How to Handle Screen Layout

Publishing Your Application with React Native
Unidirectional data flow versus Two-way data binding
Redux, Global State Manager for App
Installing Redux-saga
Managing API Calls
API Data
Handling API Errors
Installing React Navigation
UX Components for App
Testing Components with Jest Snapshot Testing
Introduction to Animation
Animated Module
Layout Animation
How to Publish for Android and IOS